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With the world's only Supportive Apparel featuring adjustable medical-grade knee bracing.

"Life-changing support to get people back to activity."

Revolutionary Knee Support for Active People

Welcome to Supportive Apparel, the only apparel designed to help you overcome injuries, minimize pain and get back out there.

Our first product, the Supportive Tight, looks like a compression tight, but hides 90 feet of high-strength "cables" that mimic the body's muscles and ligaments to reinforce the knees, hips, and lower back. It's adjustable, lightweight, machine washable, and trusted by people from all walks of life (injured or not), ranging from weekend warriors, world-class athletes and medical professionals.

  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Medical-Grade Knee Support

    Learn How it works

    A knee Brace and athletic tight all in one


    Flexible Support Cables

    Over 90ft of high-strength cables hidden inside the fabric provide medical-grade knee bracing.


    Flexible Support Cables

    Over 90ft of high-strength cables hidden inside the fabric provide medical-grade knee bracing.


    Adjustment Dials

    Two dials hidden in the waistband allow you to adjust the support for any instability or activity.


    Targeted Compression

    Increased compression targeting the knee, improves blood flow, stability, and exercise recovery.

    trusted by 25,000+ Customers


    "Stoko has provided the most streamlined brace system I’ve ever seen.”

    - Chris Driedger, NHL Goaltender

    LOVE 'EM

    "Stoko's unlock confidence. I've been wearing them during knee rehab and I love 'em."

    - Chris Spring, World-Class Athlete


    "I've been saying it since day one, these are GAME CHANGERS!"

    - Lewis Irving, Bronze Medalist


    "The Stoko Supportive Tights are the perfect balance of support and comfort. LOVE. THEM.”

    - Alex Armstrong, Big Mountain Skier


    "The K1s are amazing. The support and stability it gives my knee is helping my recovery immensely.”

    - Thomas Rozsypalek, Professional Skier


    Supportive Apparel is designed to help you get back to your favorite activities by improving stability and helping you minimize pain.

    People typically experience:

    • 99% - Greater Knee Support
    • 89% - Less Knee Pain
    • 80% - Greater Hip Support

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    empowering an active lifestyle

    Stoko was born because we were sick and tired of being held back by different injuries. We believe that people should be able to be as active as they want to be, regardless of their athletic ability, age, or previous injuries.

    We exist to empower an active lifestyle and are on a mission to help people get active again and stay active for as long as possible.

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