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  • The Ultimate Knee Brace for Running

    Learn how the K1 Tempo can support you in achieving your fitness goals and continuing to reap the benefits that running provides.
  • Put to the Test: Can K1 Tempo Support me on my Sweatiest Pursuits?

    Writer and rider, Nigel Harrison, answers the question: Will the K1 Tempos decrease exercise-related pain to a point where you can hop out of bed and do it all again day-after-day?
  • Behind the Design of the K1 Tempo

    It’s hard to put into words the commitment that our product team has towards unifying true function with beautiful, athlete-centric design. We thought we’d show you instead.
  • Reflecting on a Year of Growth with Stoko CEO, Zack Eberwein

    Zack shared some thoughts and reflections on this past year, and what we can expect from Stoko in the new year.
  • SKI Magazine: Get Strong For Ski Season With Supportive Apparel

    If you’re anything like me, the leaves changing means the start of ski season—at least, that’s when it feels somewhat acceptable to dust off the gear, hope for a sneak snowstorm, and figure out what upgrades need to be made before the snow really starts to fall. And, if you’re like me, you’ve probably suffered an injury somewhere along the line—blown-out knees, broken bones.
  • Get Out There Gear Reviews the Stoko K1s

    Our friends at Get Out There Magazine recently reviewed our K1 tights. Check out their video and see how the K1s held up against mountain biking, t...
  • The Ultimate Knee Support For Training

    When it comes to training, an injury can leave you stranded on the couch or unable to walk so preventing them in the first place is your best option.
  • Why The World Needs A New Knee Brace

    We’ve come pretty far in the past 50 years with all the technological advances that have taken place. Think about it. You’re probably reading this...
  • The Ultimate Knee Support for Snowboarding

    Have you checked the weather forecast?The snowboarding season is almost here! In this time of COVID-19, it seems to be an ideal activity. It provid...