What Is The Stoko K1?

What Is The Stoko K1?

If you’ve had a knee injury, you’re not alone. We’ve been there and we know it sucks. Stoko was born because we were tired of being held back by injuries and that’s why we created the K1. 

The K1 is a brace, but not a conventional one. After spending years researching and analyzing how our bodies move and support themselves, we integrated a full support system right into the fabric of apparel athletes are already wearing. It provides the support of a traditional knee brace with the comfort of tights. We call it supportive apparel and it’s a game-changer!

K1 will help you get back to your game quicker and stay in it longer! So without further ado, let’s tell you all about our K1!

Stoko Knee Braces


Embrace System™

The Embrace System™ is composed of cables that are integrated directly into the fabric of the tights to mimic the natural support structure of your muscles and ligaments. The result is anatomically correct joint support that moves with you rather than limiting your movements. 

Anatomical Mapping

We spent years analyzing how our bodies and skin move by creating a surface map of the skin. This enabled our engineers to design a support system that moves seamlessly with your body instead of against it. 

3D Knitting

Our advanced technical knitting technology integrates the Embrace System™ directly into the fabric of the K1 supportive tights. 

Repreve® Yarn

We use Repreve® yarn, an environmentally conscious fiber made from plastic bottles and knitted into a light, breathable fabric with stretch properties. 

Tension Dials

Tension dials on the back of the K1 allow you to adjust your fit and customize the support level needed for different degrees of activity or instability. 

Targeted Compression

Targeted knee compression helps stabilize your knee and keep your kneecap in the right place. 

Support Laminations

Support laminations are fused to the K1 in specific areas to provide structure and help facilitate support, improving efficacy and functionality. 


How Exactly Does It Work?

So now that you know what technology goes into the K1, how does it all work together? 

Well, we used anatomical mapping to understand where and how to integrate the Embrace System™ into the tights to mimic our body’s natural support systems. We then incorporate all of this into our proprietary fabric. Finally, you can adjust the cables of the Embrace System™ can then be adjusted using the tension dials on the back of the waistband. 


How Do I Put On the K1?

The K1 has been injected with some serious tech - it might take a few minutes getting used to it, but rest assured, once you do get used to it you’ll feel like a super hero!

Putting the K1 on:
  1. To begin, disengage the tension dials by pulling them outwards.
  2. Stretch the waistband to ensure the system has released completely.
  3. Put each foot through the tight, locating the ankle cuff appropriately.
  4. Work the tight fully up to your leg and then over your hips by pulling on the cables between the laminated patches.
  5. Ensure the front alignment marks sit just below your knee caps and side alignment marks are centred where your knee bends.

Adjusting the support:

  1. Start by pushing in the tension dials to engage the support system.
  2. Rotate the dials to engage support. You will begin to feel pressure at the hips.
  3. Within a range you are comfortable with, perform squats or high knees to distribute support down the leg. 
  4. Adjust by repeating steps 2 & 3 as needed.

Similar to other apparel, it is totally okay to break in your K1s. As you wear the K1 it will conform to your body. 


  1. To disengage the support simply pull the tension dials outwards.
  2. Stretch the waistband to release the cables.



Stoko K1 will help you get back to the activities you love and push your limits. But don’t take it from us, check out our product and get your own pair now!

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQs about the K1.