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The way we treat knee injuries has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years. Why haven’t knee braces? Finally, there is a better way for your patients to get the support they need for both rehabilitation and everyday activities.

“Stoko has taken the development of the knee brace to the next echelon. Their approach combines innovative technologies, master-crafted for the objective of improved athlete experience and outcomes post injury.”

Erik Torchia, Physiotherapist

Stoko K1 knee support tights for men is a great alternative to knee braces and compression pants
A better brace means better outcomes

Advance your patients’ rehab with a comfortable support system that results in better compliance and more positive outcomes.

  • Provides the same support as traditional rigid braces
  • Biomimetic support for a natural feeling
  • Fully adjustable support customizable to specific activity level
  • Tension system promotes proprioception for improved gait
  • Anatomically correct and highly durable

Stoko K1 knee support tights for women is a great alternative to knee braces and compression pants
Chronic Pain
Innovative technology for industry leading support

We completely reimagined what a knee brace can be and used the most advanced technology in the world to create it.

  • Anatomical Mapping: Biomimetic support through full range of motion
  • Technical Knitting: Seamlessly integrated structural support
  • Non-Stretch Cabling: Durable high strength cable
  • Adjustability: Complete control over device support level

Stoko K1 knee support tights for women is a great alternative to knee braces and compression pants
100% support of traditional braces

We are FDA and Health Canada registered as a Class 1 medical device for moderate to severe ligament instabilities, mild strains, sprains and other knee injuries.

  • Anatomically correct
  • Highly durable
  • Fully adjustable to specific activity level
  • Dynamic support system reduces fatigue during activity


lighter than other braces


thinner than competitor braces


support of traditional braces

& Reports

Get a deeper understanding of the research and testing results that prove why this is a more comfortable and effective form of knee support.

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