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Celeste Pomerantz

Tell us about you! How did you get into sport? Where are you from? What is your story?
Celeste Pomerantz, I grew up on the North Shore of Vancouver. The area is an extreme sports hub where mountain biking and skiing are a huge part of the culture and life. Both my parents came from competitive sport background, my dad was a road racer from the US and my mom a cross country ski racer from Norway. So, naturally I got into sport at a very young age. I started downhill ski racing at 7 years old and mountain biking that same summer. Fast forward nearly 20 years and that love for sport hasn't diminished. I've transitioned that ski racing background into backcountry and big mountain skiing. With mountain biking I now dabble in enduro and adventure mountain biking.

What is a fun fact about you or something not many people know about you?
I'm a huge science fiction nerd. I have space themed tattoos.

What has been your biggest struggle throughout your career? How have you dealt with or overcome that?
The largest struggle I'd say I've experienced outside of balancing work with play is imposter syndrome. Basically I never feel quite as worthy of any of the achievements I receive. To overcome this anxiety I just tell myself incredibly kind things and celebrate the small victories as they come.

Injury is a part of life, and sport - how did you deal with yours?
Luckily, while I was ski racing, I never experienced any huge injury. Mountain biking has gifted me with tons of little injuries here and there. It's tough when all your eggs are in the extreme sports basket for both seasons so minor injuries can be really emotionally debilitating. All I can do is mentally prepare for the eventuality of injury and find other things I feel passionate about to do while I'm down.

What’s your favourite pre/post sweat snack? Your must have treat?
Ohhh I am a sugar addict!!! so anything with sugar.

Do you have any pre-competition rituals?
Listening to songs that fire me up as well as having a really good, easily digestible meal.

What gets you most excited about being a part of the Stoko Ambassador program?
The support. Honestly Stoko was so incredible when I approached them with my passion project 'Because I Can' as not only support for my physical wellbeing but also as an emotional support system. Stoko provided me with unwavering possibility for my project and for that I will be grateful forever.


Career Highlights!?
I've got some small victories from enduro racing such as placing top 3 to first place consistently in my first year of racing to this summer placing 4th in the pro category at my first race in two years. However, the completion of my Epic this August was by far one of my greatest athletic achievements.

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