Insurance Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Reimbursement

We’ve designed Stoko products to give you support that lasts—that’s why every pair comes guaranteed with a 1-year warranty.

All Stoko products are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices through Health Canada and the FDA. Our products come highly recommended by physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons looking for a more compliant knee brace that supports active rehabilitation.

This certification means all our products are eligible for reimbursement through Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Benefit Plans by all Canadian insurers, as well as some carriers in the U.S. As for general benefits plans, our customers have experienced many cases of reimbursement but coverage is dependent on the insurer as benefit plans vary.

Most insurance providers will require a prescription for our product. So to start your claim, first you will need to obtain a prescription for a Stoko product from your medical professional. The referral should include the following:

  • Specific injury diagnosis that a Stoko K1 product is being prescribed for. Use our sample prescription form below, which can be filled out by your medical professional.


  • Recommendation of a Stoko product for injury rehabilitation and daily use (important note: insurers will not cover knee braces for sports purposes only).

Next, be sure to include your order confirmation receipt (automatically sent upon purchase) along with your prescription when submitting your claim. Your insurer may also request a quote for pre-approval, in which case, use the appropriate quote below.


No, our products do not include rigid materials.

Compression through the calf and thigh were measured at Class I Mild, while the Knee was measured at Class I Moderate*. Compression varies throughout the garment between 4-19mmHg. Click here for a deep dive on Stoko's targeted compression.