Athletes Put The Stok(e) In Stoko

Stoko Ambassadors

Simply put, we partner with exceptional athletes to harness and amplify Stoko stoke. Our ambassadors inspire all athletes, push their limits and help provide feedback to improve Stoko products.  We invite you to meet our ambassadors, hear about their passion for sport, and learn about their experience with Stoko. 

Big Mountain Skier

Alex Armstrong

Moguls Skier Freestyle Canada

Alexandre Lavoie

Freeski Halfpipe Freestyle Canada

Andrew Longino

Halfpipe Canada Snowboard

Braeden Adams

Mogul Skier Freestyle Canada

Brenden Kelly

Big Mountain Skier Mountain Biker

Celeste Pomerantz

Snowboard Cross Canada Snowboard

Evan Bichon

Skier Cross Olympian Alpine Canada

India Sherret

Basketball Player CAL Berkley

Jazlen Green

Hiking Influencer Hikes Near Vancouver

Kristine Krynitzki

Moguls Skier Freestyle Canada

Laurianne Desmarais-Gilbert

Freeski Slopestyle Freestyle Canada

Mark Hendrickson

Track Athlete Mensah Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Mensah

Slopestyle Skier FIS (alum)

Patrick Dew

Mogul Skier FIS (ALUM)

Robbie Andison

Freeski Halfpipe Freestyle Canada

Sam McKeown

Slopestyle Canada Snowboard (alum)

Sam Tuff

Mountain & Motorsports Athlete

Sarah Bulford

Hiker Trail Runner

Shondra Martin

Snowboard Cross Olympian Canada Snowboard

Tess Critchlow

Big Mountain Skier Matchstick Productions

The Blondes - Emily Childs

Big Mountain Skier Matchstick Productions

The Blondes - Janelle Yip

Big Mountain Skier Matchstick Productions

The Blondes - Tonje Kvivic

Big Mountain Skier

Thomas Rozsypalek

Marathoner Ultra Trail Runner

Andréanne Morissette

Freestyle Skier Ultra Marathoner

Bruce Oldham

Outdoor Recreationalist Weekend Warrior

Jen Leigh

Big Mountain Skier Sea Kayak Guide

Sophia Rouches

Become a Stoko Ambassador

Got a story to share? Interested in promoting our product? We are always looking for ambassadors who will wear Stoko products while pushing their limits on a daily basis. Your stories and feedback will help us spread awareness, innovate and improve.

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Better Together


Product Education

Our athletes know our products inside and out because they’ve helped develop them. Their feedback leads to improvements, and their in-depth knowledge helps new Stoko athletes learn why our products work so well.


Community Building

Stoko isn’t just a product. We’re a community of athletes of all abilities supporting each other to get back out there and push our limits. Our ambassadors inspire us with what’s possible and give us more reasons to keep going.


Brand Awareness

The K1 is a game changer, and we know there are a lot of people who can rediscover the activities they love simply by putting it on. So, the more people who see it the better. If you believe you can help, we want to talk to you.

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