Our technology

Learn how Supportive Apparel works to support your body.

THERE'S a lot more TECH IN THE TIGHTS than you might realize.

Our mission is to help people get active again and stay active for as long as possible. To do that, we've created the world's first technical apparel with invisible medical-grade support designed for all types of activity. It took four years of working with some of the brightest minds in engineering, apparel, and medicine to create our Stoko Support System.


These are not your average tights and this is not your grandpa's knee brace. This is Supportive Apparel, and it was built to help you overcome injuries, minimize pain and regain the confidence to get back to activity. Our Supportive Tights provide medical-grade knee bracing, while also supporting the hips and lower back. They are lightweight, machine washable and provided targeted compression.

High-Strength Support Cables

Our Supportive Tights hide 90 feet of adjustable high-strength Dyneema cables that are designed to reinforce your body's muscles and ligaments, providing medical-grade knee support that wont hold you back. Dyneema is incredibly strong (10x the strength of steel) but also very lightweight, eliminating the bulk and weight of traditional knee braces. What's even better is that, over time, as you wear Supportive Apparel, it will adjust itself to fit your body.


Everyone's body is different and no one will experience the same level of pain or instability. That's why we built Supportive Apparel to be fully adjustable with two control dials hidden in the back waistband to enable you to easily adjust the level of support in each leg separately while you're on the move.

Our Patented Support System

The Stoko Support System utilizes high-strength cables that mimic your muscles and ligament to reinforce the body, control dials to adjust the support and targeted compression to elevate exercise recovery.


Support Cables

90 feet of high-strength cables. 10x the strength of steel (weight for weight). Integrated directly into the fabric.


Support Cables

90 feet of high-strength cables. 10x the strength of steel (weight for weight). Integrated directly into the fabric.


Control Dials

Two dials in the waistband allow adjustment of the support in each leg independently.


Targeted Compression

Increased compression targeting the knee promotes stability, confidence, and faster exercise recovery.

Comfortable for Any Activity

Stoko's Supportive Apparel is trusted by 25,000+ customers including Olympians, professionals and weekend warriors looking to overcome injuries, minimize pain and move with confidence. Our Supportive Tights work as an outer-layer or can be easily worn under shorts, pants or ski bibs.

The Research

Stoko’s tech stands up in the lab and out in the field. Get a deeper understanding of the research and testing results that prove why our support is the best you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any brace or support registered as a medical device with the local health authorities (such as the FDA or Health Canada).

Stoko registers our Supportive Tights under the IQI (FDA) and 89IQI (Health Canada), limb orthosis product classifications. "A limb orthosis (brace) is a device intended for medical purposes that is worn on the upper or lower extremities to support, to correct, or to prevent deformities or to align body structures for functional improvement.1,2

Any knee brace that is not Supportive Apparel! This might be a knee sleeve, a sleeve with hinge, a rigid brace, or a fully custom rigid brace.

Similar to other traditional/medical grade knee braces, the Supportive Tight provides support and stability to the body in compromised knee positions; however, the Supportive Tight achieves these outcomes through different means. The Supportive Tight relies on tension throughout the Stoko Support System to generate support, which is made up of cables that are integrated into the tights. The result is support that moves with your body and doesn’t compromise on comfort, aesthetics, or support.