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What if we told you that we've developed a base layer and knee brace all in one? If the answer is joy or relief (or both), you've come to the right place. At Stoko, we have built an ultra-comfortable base layer that provides comparable support to a traditional knee brace. We call it the K1 and it means your skiing days are far from over.

Knee brace for skiing
Medical-Grade Knee Bracing

All K-Line products offer medical-grade knee bracing—specifically intended for moderate to severe ligament injury, general knee instabilities and sprains and strains—in the form of comfortable base layer. We have also received repeated feedback that the K1s improve lower back and hip pain.

Comfortable Base Layer

The K1s also double as a comfortable base layer so that you can ski evenly and smoothly without the awkward clunking of a traditional brace. The breathable high-stretch fabric made with innovative 3D knitted yarn feels amazing before, during and after your ski.

Base layer knee brace
Apparel for skiing
Natural Movement

Just turn the control dials to adjust the level of support, and you’re ready to hit the slopes. The anatomical mapping used to create these tights gives you full freedom of movement and the knee support needed to push your limits and perform your best while exploring on or off piste.

Elevated Exercise Recovery

Innovative technical knitting within all K-Line products allows us to provide targeted compression zones. These areas of compression put pressure on your muscles to help minimize delayed onset muscle soreness. K-Line products are designed to increase blood flow and promote healing so that you’re able to benefit from faster recovery times between days on the mountain.

Knee brace for skiers
Running apparel
Pain Management

This Embrace System™—an intricate network of cables, control dials and compression zones—provides medical grade bracing support that is designed to mimic your body's ligaments on ascents and descent. The support system is completely customizable and can be engaged or disengaged on the move. 


Support of traditional braces


lighter than other braces


Thinner than competitor braces

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Engineered for

Training with a chunky brace doesn’t feel good or look good. Finally, you can push your limits again with no limitations with the  K1.



Side and waistband pockets secure the essentials and when you're done skiing, throw them in the washing machine.



Our strong fade-resistant fabric is made of two tightly knitted layers of yarn to promote durability.



Targeted knee compression helps stabilize your knee and keep your kneecap in the right place while skiing.



Designed to mimic the natural support structures in your body, you have the thinnest and most anatomically correct knee support available.



The breathable 4-way stretch fabric minimizes heat and perspiration, allowing your body to cool down even when skiing.



Easily adjust the level of support before, during and after activity with the turn of the control dials.

SKI better Forever

Find the support that will help you push your limits and reach your potential.

Support for
your sport

You can get the comfortable support you need, no matter what activities you love.

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