Athletic POTENTIAL 

Our Story

Stoko was born because we were done with being held back by injuries. We took all the fire we have for athletic pursuits and put it into creating a way to get off the couch and back on the trail, course, field, court and everywhere else athletes push themselves to reach their goals.

Stoko employee in the process of making K1 knee support tights that are a great alternative to knee braces
We empower athletic potential

To us, there’s nothing worse than wasted potential. And that’s what injuries lead to. We couldn’t sit idle and let this happen. So, we stopped at nothing to invent supportive apparel that empowers you to be your best, test your limits and achieve your full athletic potential.

We’ve been there too

We get it. Being hurt sucks. It can steal your confidence and hold you back from doing what you love. We stand up to injuries every day by believing that we have the power to eliminate them. Bold hey?

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The process of making Stoko K1 knee support tights that are a great alternative to knee braces
A woman in Stoko knee braces
We’re passionate

We care. A lot. It’s just how we roll. We’re not shy to show how deeply we believe that our products can change your life and the lives of athletes around the world. We want you to be able to do the activities you love, live in the moment and challenge yourself.

Stoko on every athlete

We’re kidding right? Not one bit. We believe that everyone is an athlete and understand that everyone is susceptible to knee injuries. Our products are engineered to help you come back from your knee injury sooner, protect a chronic knee injury from getting worse and minimize your chance of getting injured in the first place.

Stoko knee braces for women fro outdoor activities
“Getting injured sucks. Trust us, we've been there. We wanted to change the game and that’s why we built the Stoko K1.”
Zack Eberwein, CEO
Two Stoko employees discussing ideas for Stoko knee support tights

Become an Ambassador

We are enlisting inspiring pro, amateur, and Olympic athletes to help us create our products and promote the brand.

Medical Professionals

From physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons, we worked with all the experts to get our FDA and Health Canada registration.

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Our Ambassadors

We’ve enlisted inspiring pro, amateur and Olympic athletes who’ve had to manage their own knee injuries to help us create our products and promote the brand.

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Join the team

We’re growing fast and looking for talented people who can help push the pace. If that’s you, let’s talk.