Men’s | Thermal | Full-Length

K1 Summit

Supportive Tight

$448.00 Sale
Men's K1 Summit
Men's K1 Summit
Men's K1 Summit

Men’s | Thermal | Full-Length

K1 Summit

Supportive Tight

$448.00 Sale
Colour Black
Size S

The only base layer with adjustable medical-grade support that's designed to help you overcome injuries, minimize pain, and get back to activity. The K1 Summit is best for skiing, snowboarding or colder weather activity. 

  • Medical-Grade Knee Support
  • Thermal Fabric & Fly
  • Full Length

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Support Cables

90 feet of flexible, high-strength cables hidden in the fabric support and stabilize your knee.

Adjustment Dials

Two dials hidden in the waistband allow you to adjust the support for any instability or activity.

Targeted Compression

Increased compression targeting the knee, improves blood flow, stability, and exercise recovery.

  • Medical-Grade Knee Bracing
  • Adjustable Support Dials
  • Targeted Compression
  • Thermal Fabric
  • Drop-in side pocket

Ski & Snow Use

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Winter Activity

  • For all-day boot comfort, we recommend wearing socks underneath your Supportive Tights.

Intended Use

  • The STOKO SUPPORTIVE TIGHT is intended for stabilization, support, and protection of the knee.

Medical Indications

  • Knee pain
  • Knee instability
  • Knee ligament instabilities (including ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL)
  • Knee strains and sprains
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

  • This device will not prevent or reduce all injuries and may not be appropriate for all medical conditions. Consult your healthcare provider to ensure the STOKO SUPPORTIVE TIGHT is suitable for you.


Material Contents

  • 79% Nylon
  • 21% Lycra

Product Care

  • Wash in Provided Wash Bag
  • Wash on Gentle Below 40°C
  • Hang to Dry

Our products are nothing like anything you've ever seen or worn before. So before you step into your new pair of Supportive Tights, throw away everything you think you know about how a pair of athletic tights should look, feel and function. We strongly recommend the following:

Find your size with our size picker or by looking at our size chart. You can find the size picker above where it says "Find your size" next to the size selections. We recommend this so the cable system fits your body properly giving you the best and most comfortable supportive fit.

Learn more about what to expect during your first wear and consult the frequently asked questions on our sizing, fit and first wear page.

This comfortable knee brace and base layer combo offers adjustable medical-grade bracing for both knees, while also supporting the hips and lower back. Lightweight, machine washable, and designed to stay in place, the K1 Summit delivers targeted compression where it matters most. With less bulk than a traditional knee brace and more support than regular compression tights, our Supportive Apparel provides all in one value. Trusted by Olympic medalists and praised as the "Knee brace of the future" by Freeskier, the K1 Summit is your go-to base layer to ski and snowboard with confidence this winter.

A Knee Brace & Base Layer All-In-One

The K1 Summit packs a lot of hidden technology and is so much more than a compression tight.

Flexible Support Cables

90ft of high-strength cables provide medical-grade knee bracing.

Adjustment Dials

Adjust the support in each leg for any level of instability or activity.

Targeted Compression

Higher compression at the knee supports faster exercise recovery.

Flexible Support Cables

90ft of high-strength cables provide medical-grade knee bracing.

Adjustment Dials

Adjust the support in each leg for any level of instability or activity.

Targeted Compression

Higher compression at the knee supports faster exercise recovery.

Thermal Fabric

Comfortable, thermal fabric for winter activities

Drop-In Side Pocket

A convenient side pocket to hold your phone.

Knit Fly

Men's K1 Flux has easy bathroom access.

Free Shipping

60-Day Risk Free Trial

1-Year Warranty

"Life-changing support to get people back to activity."

Ski Magazine


Stoko's Supportive Apparel is worn by all types of active people including Olympians, professionals and weekend warriors looking to overcome injuries, minimize pain and ski & snowboard with confidence.

Support Engineered to
Inspire Confidence

Get active & stay active with support that helps you overcome injuries, minimize pain, and gives you the confidence to keep going.
Read the findings from our customer survey here.


Reported Greater Knee Support


Reported Less Knee Pain


Reported Support In Their Hips & Back

Ski With Confidence

Supportive Apparel redefines traditional knee bracing, offering comparable support to many medical-grade braces, but with added benefits to keep you on the mountain longer.

  • Packable
  • Comfortable
  • Machine Washable

Stoko Pro-Tip

Minimize pressure between the cables in our Supportive Tights and your ski boots with our Padded Ski Sock.

  • Cable Cushioning
  • Arch Support
  • Breathable Zoned Venting

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
An Exceptional Product

Male, mid 60s, very active and in shape.

I had been experiencing some knee pain while skiing as well as during core/cardio/strength workouts. I have an old ACL graft on one knee and no injuries other than life on the other. I bought the K1 Summit and experienced immediate pain reduction and stability confidence on the first wear. I have yet to wear it skiing but squats, lunges, step ups etc are all radically better for me. I can't recommend more strongly for someone in a similar position to me. Despite some reviews indicating difficulties putting it on its very quick and straight forward. I did have a seam open just a bit and the company immediately and without question replaced the product. I do find the Boa dials a bit uncomfortable during crunches but that is a small issue relative to the huge benefits I am seeing with using it.

Charlie C.
No Problems in Powder

I skied deep powder in my new K1s for several days.
No knee pain whatsoever! They are great!
Should keep me on the slopes into my 80s

Tim G.
My knees thank you

I have been a downhill skier my whole life and have suffered from knee pain from skiing for decades. I have tried all kinds of braces in the past that haven't made much of a difference. I decided to try the K1 at the start of this season. It has been absolutely astounding the difference I have experienced. No knee pain on any of my trips this year for the first time! Thank you for your fine work in developing this innovation.

This is what it's all about! Getting everyone back to what they love doing without being held back by injuries, aches or pains. Look forward to hearing what you get up to in your Supportive Apparel on the off-season.

Will F.
Good, but could be better

Age 54, Meniscus knee issues, long time snowboarder

Great concept and offers great support, but will not lock out for over extension. Product definitely works, but would be great if it could support the leg much much tighter (kind of like pulling on a Chinese finger pulling thing from when you were a kid) to restrict bending which in turn would offer more support especially on real bumpy terrain or jumps. It would also be great if they could incorporate traditional side of knee supports as well as soft lock outs built into the material like slip on neoprene knee braces (maybe a version 2 Stoko!).

All in all its a great concept and does offer support, but I will be looking/ waiting for the version 2 from Stoko

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Will! You are right, the K1s do not offer support for hyperextension as they allow for a free range of motion within flexion and extension movements. We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to share it with our team as we continue to develop Supportive Apparel.

Paul H.
Unbelievable product and customer support

I couldn’t be happier with both the tempo and the summit. I’m an older (soon to be 70) active outdoorsman. As well as normal wear and tear I had ACL replacement surgery a couple of years ago. Purchased the tempos for hiking. Was happy with performance/added support primarily for steep downhill decents. Was very happy. Also impressed with the ability to use even on warmer hikes. Based on experience with the Tempo I picked up the Summit for skiing. Super impressed with performance and added bonus made those top to bottom laps easier on the legs.
Had a disaster with my tempos when my dog chewed off one of the plastic control knobs. I was hoping for a repair that I could send in and pay for.
When I contacted and explained the situation they we happy to replace even though it had nothing to do with product performance.
Companies and products like this should always be supported. So impressed with overall experience. They’ve got an advocate and customer for life!!!

Still have Questions?

Stoko accepts returns & exchanges within 60 days of the purchase date. 

We encourage you to put your Supportive Apparel to the test before deciding to return. Move in them, get sweaty, and give them all you got. There is a short break-in period with your Supportive Tights. This means it will take a bit of time before your tights begin to regulate and feel comfortable on your body. They can be a total pain at first and challenging to get used to, Supportive Apparel is very different than any other tights or braces you’ve tried. 

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Stoko offers shipping within North America, please note that order processing may take an additional 1-2 business days from the stated shipping times below:

  • Standard Shipping 6-10 Business Days
  • Express Shipping 2-5 Business Days 

International ShippingAt this time, we cannot ship or sell Stoko products outside of North America. Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date as we continue to grow.

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Our products are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices through Health Canada and the FDA, which means that all our products are eligible for reimbursement through Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Benefit Plans by all Canadian insurers, as well as some carriers in the U.S. This allows many of our customers to get their K1s free of charge or receive partial reimbursement.

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All Stoko products provide the same medical-grade bracing support, leveraging our Stoko Support System technology. It is really up to your personal preference what style would suit you the best!

Ski & Snow: K1 Summit is engineered to deliver support and warmth. It was designed for snow sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.

All-Purpose: K1 Flux is engineered to deliver support in a variety of activities and is our most recommended product for all-around use. From everyday activity to court sports to golf, the K1 Flux can do it all while also keeping you cool with knitted ventilation.

Run & Hike: K1 Tempo is engineered to deliver support and keep you cool in warm environments, such as: running, hiking, and training.     

Similar to other traditional/medical grade knee braces, the Supportive Tight provides support and stability to the body in compromised knee positions; however, the Supportive Tight achieves these outcomes through different means. The Supportive Tight relies on tension throughout the Stoko Support System to generate support, which is made up of cables that are integrated into the tights. The result is support that moves with your body and doesn’t compromise on comfort, aesthetics, or support.

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