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Sam McKeown

Tell us about you! Why and how did you get into your sport?
My name is Sam McKeown. I was born and raised in Calgary, AB and still currently living there. A couple buddies and I switched from snowboarding to skiing one season and since that first day the progression never stopped.

What's a fun fact about you?
When it gets warm my favourite thing to do is golf!

What are your goals and aspirations?
My main goals are to make it to the Winter Olympics and represent our country, compete in X-Games, and be a positive role model for the next generation of athletes on the come up.

What has been your biggest challenge throughout your career? How did you overcome it?
I’d have to say it would be injuries. The sport we do is very high risk and obviously injuries are a big part of it. Through the years battling with multiple injuries can really take a toll not only physically, but mentally as well. Having positive support around me and staying disciplined in recovery programs have definitely been the two biggest things that have helped me through each and every injury I’ve gone through.

Injury is a part of life and sport - how did you deal with yours?
Keeping a positive outlook on the situation is key. Putting all my focus into coming back better and stronger than I was before is always my main goal. As well, realizing that injuries are merely a bump in the road on a much bigger path to success really helps me justify everything I’m putting into my recovery.

What gets you the most excited about Stoko?
I believe Stoko is the next, best, up and coming product when it comes to injury prevention. Personally wearing big, bulky knee braces is one of the worst feelings as a skier. Stoko has given us the best of both worlds by providing maximum support and stability, in a low profile, mobile, nonrestrictive tight.

Do you have any pre-competition rituals?
Before every comp I listen to music until my run time has come, I pause my music, fist pound my coach, tap my poles twice and drop in.

Favourite snack before/after a sweat session?
A nice bowl of ramen always hits the spot.


Career Highlights:
• National development team since 2016
• Planks Clothing, Spy Optics, Fischer, Mountain Cultures sponsorships
• 16th overall Halfpipe World Cup circuit

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