First Wear

Everything you need to know about how to put them on, break them in and what to expect.

These aren't just any pair of tights....

They're hard to get on the first time

Don't try and put these on like regular tights! Sit down and slowly work them up the legs. Follow our comprehensive guide below for a flawless fit.

They need movement to break in

They might feel small at first! Stretch the waistband and pull on the cables to distribute support. As you move, they will mold perfectly to your body. 

They won't feel like a traditional brace

Unlike a traditional brace, these will not feel rigid or bulky. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything major, that’s the beauty of the design.

Choose your tight

Each product is somewhat unique in how they fit, make sure you choose the right product before exploring first wear.

Our 2nd generation tight, the Supportive Tight.

Supportive Tight

Our 1st generation tight, the K1 Flux, K1 Tempo or K1 Summit.

K-Line Tight


Stoko's 2nd Generation Tight

How to put them on

Start from the Bottom

Sit down and slowly work the Supportive Tight up the leg. Align the bottom of the cuff 2 inches above the ankle.

Align the Knee Strap

Work the cables up the leg and position the Stoko icon to the outside of the knee just below the knee cap. Repeat on both sides.

Pull Up over Hips

Work the tights over your hips. Shimmy, wiggle, & hop to get them pulled up and the waistband sitting just above your hips.

Watch & Learn: How to Put Them On

Step 1: Pop the dials out and stretch the waistband.  

Step 2: Sit down, work the cuff over the ankle, and slowly work the tight up the leg.

Step 3: Place the patellar knee strap just below the knee cap.

Step 4: Pull up over the hips and move around to adjust.

Step 5: Pop in and turn dials to increase the support.

Step 6: Pull the waistband out to distribute the tension.

A comprehensive video review highlighting how to put them on, how to properly adjust and how to take them off.



Align cuff a few inches above the ankle.


Place the “X” cable pattern at mid-shin.


Place knee strap right below the knee cap.

K-Line Tights

K1 Flux, K1 Tempo, K1 Summit

They're hard to get on the first time.

This is the only pant you'll ever buy that comes with an instruction manual and this is because our Supportive Apparel is truly one-of-a-kind. We understand that putting them on for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, but worry not! We've got your back with a comprehensive video that will walk you through the essential steps to ensure a flawless fit.

They need to break in.

Your Supportive Tights might feel small at first as they need movement to break them in properly. They are going to mold perfectly to your body, so the more you move, the more the cables will work their magic and mold to your body. Check out our video below, which offers helpful tips like how to adjust the cables as they break in for best fit.


Unlike a traditional brace, your Supportive Apparel will not feel rigid or bulky. The Stoko Support System is intended to feel invisible and  engage when you need it. The 90 feet of high strength cables mimic your muscles and ligaments to reinforce your body, while still allowing you to move freely. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything major, that’s the beauty of the design.