Why the Stoko Supportive Tights Cost what they do

Discover Why Stoko Supportive Tights are Worth Every Penny

We completely understand the sticker shock of seeing a $400+ price point for a “pair of tights”. We assure you though, you are buying way more than that. While these bad boys look like normal compression tights, under the hood they have state-of-the-art technology crafted with some of the world's greatest materials and designed with comprehensive research and testing so we can offer you the best and only Supportive Apparel in the world. 

Our line of Supportive Tights are registered with the FDA and Health Canada as a medical device and are built with the highest levels of quality, function, and craftsmanship to help you overcome injuries, minimize pain and regain the confidence to get back to the activities you love.

State of the Art Technology

By leveraging advanced technical knitting, we seamlessly integrate medical-grade bracing into athletic apparel.

Registered Medical Device

These are way more than just a compression tight offering adjustable medical-grade bracing for both knees to help you overcome injuries and minimize pain.

Built with the Strongest fiber in the world

Our Support Cables are made with Dyneema®, a fiber that's 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float on water.

Trusted by the Best

Our Supportive Tights are trusted by over 25,000 customers including medical professionals, world-class athletes and industry experts.

The World's only invisible knee support

Crafted by dozens of experts including engineers, technical apparel designers, knit designers, consultants, and medical professionals, we developed never-before-seen patented technology included within our Stoko Support System.

Support Cables

90 feet of flexible, high-strength cables hidden in the fabric support and stabilize your knee.

Adjustment Dials

Two dials hidden in the waistband allow you to adjust the support for any instability or activity.


Increased compression targeting the knee, improves blood flow, stability, and exercise recovery.

worth every penny

“These tights are everything they are advertised to be. At 65 my knees, although never injured, are well used. With the Stoko tights I don’t need any extra support. I can ski all day, day after day, without any serious knee discomfort. It is unusual that a product does exactly what it says it can. These Stoko tights…are worth every penny.”

- Mark, Stoko Customer

More Value Than Traditional Braces

Traditional knee braces can be very expensive and you have the buy them for both knees. Supportive Apparel offers an affordable solution. Our Supportive Tights combine the benefits of high-quality athletic wear with medical-grade knee support, providing stability for both knees and additional reinforcement for your hips and lower back.

Traditional Braces

✓ Only brace one knee

✘ No hip and back support

✘ No targeted compression

✘ Not adjustable

✘ Not machine washable

Traditional Braces

✓ Only brace one knee

✘ No hip and back support

✘ No targeted compression

✘ Not adjustable

✘ Not machine washable

Supportive Apparel

✓ Brace both knees

✓ Supports the hips & low back

✓ Targeted compression

✓ Adjustable

✓ Machine washable

✓ Lightweight

✓ Compatible with other gear

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1 Year Warranty

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Youtube Review

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Stoko's Supportive Apparel has undergone rigorous testing and received glowing reviews from leading industry publications, including Ski Mag, Runner's World, Backpacker, Canadian Running Mag, Freeskier, On The Snow, and Explore Magazine.

product Awards

Stoko's Supportive Apparel boasts an impressive collection of prestigious awards, such as the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award in 2023, Gear Junkie's Best in Show Award, and the coveted GOOD DESIGN annual award, recognizing the most innovative and groundbreaking product designs worldwide.

Insurance Reimbursement

Stoko Tights are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices through Health Canada and the FDA. This certification means all our products are eligible for reimbursement through Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Benefit Plans by all Canadian insurers, as well as some carriers in the U.S.

Insurance Reimbursement


Stoko’s tech stands up in the lab and out in the field. Get a deeper understanding of the research and testing results that prove why Supportive Apparel is best-in-class.


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