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On Going the (Ultra) Distance with Andréanne Morissette

On Going the (Ultra) Distance with Andréanne Morissette

Whether or not you’ve tackled an ultra-marathon yourself, you’re most likely familiar with the sweeping statements people make about their completion: a sense of total clarity, being totally immersed in the present, an insatiable thirst to do it all again, only further. Ultra-running—and endurance sports in general—are not something people casually do like playing pickleball on Saturday and beer league baseball on Tuesday. Rather, it becomes an integral part of their identity, often unlocking access to new, transformational parts of themselves. 

As soon as Andréanne Morissette, a Vancouver-based designer and Stoko athlete, was introduced to the world of ultra-running, she never looked back. We picked her brain on running, her recent 100 km run and how her K1 Tempos have changed her recovery game. 

How did you get into running? Was it something you’ve always done or did you find it later in life? 

Running came into my life in my early 20’s when I was battling an eating disorder and felt completely disconnected from my body. I would use running as a way to get back into my body, to restore the connection between my mind and body. It taught me how to push my body while also respecting its boundaries. 

Why did you fall in love with running?  

Whenever I get asked this question, my response is that I love running because it’s the closest thing we have to flying. It’s so grounding, yet so freeing at the same time. 

My best ideas come to me when I’m running. As a creative person—I work as a graphic designer at a tight-knit Vancouver design agency, Design House Collective—these moments are really important to me. They make me run even faster because I’m so excited to get back home and write them down!

Watch this video to understand more about Andréanne's passion for running:

Talk to us about your relationship with Stoko… 

As I continue to develop as a long-distance runner, I’m learning the importance of respecting and taking care of my body. When I first came across Stoko, I remember thinking how genius their product was. Stoko came into my life at the perfect moment—it’s elevated my experience as a runner and allowed me to connect with an amazing community of athletes and innovators with the same passion for pushing our limits. 

How have the K1s changed your life? What did they unlock? 

The first time I ran in my K1 Tempos, I fell in love. My whole body felt so aligned and free to move how it wanted. The Tempo is my best running buddy. They support me in action and unlock peace of mind that I can push my legs—and whole body—and still feel supported. 

You just ran 100 kms. How did you mentally prepare for that distance? 

The mental prep happens during training. Prepping for a 100km run takes a lot of time, energy and discipline—especially if you have other commitments in your life. It’s definitely not always easy to stay motivated, but the best thing to do when I felt my mental game breaking down was to reconnect with why I started this challenge in the first place. 

For the day of, what always helps me is focusing on five kms at a time. Eventually, this will lead you to the finish line.

After a race like that, how did you recover?

Just keep moving. I moved slowly, differently, but it was crucial to keep moving in some way. I know the second I completely stopped, my body and mind would crash. 

What does movement mean to you? 

To me, movement is a way of honouring my body. It’s such a privilege to have the freedom to move anyway we want—dance, climb, swim, cross country ski, roll, fly, whatever. Movement is such a great way to connect with yourself, others and the world around you. 

You’ve checked 100 km off your bucket list. What’s next?

Well, I’m training for another 100 km that’s happening in September. I hope to improve my time and—most importantly—my recovery, because three weeks later I’m running the London Marathon. I also have a 100 miler, the Javelina Jundred in Arizona, and the Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100 km on my bucket list. 

When you’re not running, what’s your idea of a 10/10 day? 

A 10/10 day for me includes: an abundance of sun or snow, playing outside in some way (swimming, climbing, surfing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, mountain biking), working with my team, connecting with my family and playing guitar. Oh, and it has to end with ice cream. 

If you, like Andréanne, are gearing up for a season full of running—5 km or ultra—and want your body to feel tip-top, the K1 Tempos are your answer. They’re designed to get you running fast and recovering faster. 

Make sure to follow along Andréanne’s ultra-running journey @andys_color.