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Run Rituals and Confidence in the K1 with Scott Rintoul

Run Rituals and Confidence in the K1 with Scott Rintoul

Running, walking, riding—the ability to stay active and get outside is Scott Rintoul’s way of expressing gratitude for the great outdoors. With a respected career in sports as a professional broadcaster—if you’re a BC Lions fan you would have heard his voice calling the play-by-play for eight consecutive years—it’s no surprise that Scott is a firm believer in ‘healthy body, healthy mind.’ And now as a regular podcast guest on the Sekeres & Price Show, Scott is not only dishing the 411 on the world of sports, he's also become an advocate for broadcasting all the benefits that nature has to offer.

In sharing with Stoko’s mission to help people be, and stay, active—we were able to catch Scott for a quick chat on running the distance and calling the plays. 

When did running come into your life and why? 

I’ve been running distance since 2005, and it was a very random decision, quite frankly. I saw a training program for the BMO Vancouver Marathon and curiosity got to me. I didn’t even expect I’d run the marathon itself, but four months later, there I was at the starting line. 

What are some accomplishments that you’re most proud of?

Though it wasn’t my goal whatsoever, I ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon and ran it a year later. I’ve run Boston a total of three times—in 2006, 2013 and 2014. The last two were quite emotional because of the bombing in 2013, and the magnitude of the follow-up event a year later. I suppose I’m proud of the fact I’ve run sub-three hours in each of my five marathons. I’m not elite by any measure, but it’s been rewarding to be somewhat consistent in that regard.

How would you describe the perfect run? 

The perfect run is one that feels effortless and allows you to be present in what’s happening around you—the natural beauty you see, the gentle breeze that cools your skin, the fresh air that fills your lungs. Your legs and body are light, your energy radiates with each stride, and as you finish your run with a smile on your face, you feel as though you could run for miles—but don’t because you’re fulfilled by what you just did.

If you listen to music, what’s your favourite genre or songs while you run? 

I switch it up all the time. I like a lot of different music, so it’s not one genre and I often listen to podcasts instead of music. For me, it really depends on what kind of run I’m doing and what kind of mood I’m in that day.

You featured Stoko on a recent podcast. What did you learn? 

I’ve learned a lot about Stoko in the past few months. Some of it through experience, some of it through visiting their ‘lab’ and talking to the people behind the product. From the technical designs to the user experience, what I’ve really learned is how Stoko is rooted in wanting to help people be active, which is something I very much believe in. Listen to the podcast. 


Scott also stopped by the Stoko workshop with Blake Price to learn about the support in Supportive Apparel. Watch the video:

How have your K1s supported your running? What do you love about them?

The K1s have been a welcome addition on a few fronts. The support from the cables in the Embrace System™ have improved my lower body alignment, so I’m no longer overcompensating for any kind of deficiencies or weaknesses. 

The biggest game-changer has been the added protection for my knees. I have early signs of osteoarthritis just below my right knee, and prior to using the K1s, it would swell up and stiffen after I’d go out for a run. Basically, running on consecutive days was out of the question—I would go for a run knowing that I’d pay for it the next day, perhaps beyond. When I run wearing the K1s, I get no swelling or stiffening in my knee and can run again the next day if I choose. The protection is most apparent when I’m descending from a trail or on the road, and as someone who does most of his running on the North Shore, that means almost every run involves hills!

Scott stopped by our HQ to learn more about Stoko's K-Line products from our Director of Product, Joey Ardell.

If you were to sum up 3 key takeaways from your career to date, what would they be?

  1. I’ve been so fortunate to meet and work with so many great people—and that’s not confined to some of the fantastic athletes or household names for sports fans who I’ve interacted with.

  2. I’m a far better listener now, and I’m a better person for it. By virtue of talking to or interviewing different people most days on the job, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many different perspectives and stories. I wasn’t great at absorbing those in real-time early in my career.

  3. You never know how many people are watching or listening to you when you’re on the air, but when people approach you outside the job and compliment you for your approach or how you conduct yourself, you quickly realize how impactful you can be. Some of the most meaningful compliments I’ve ever received have come from people I don’t know. When someone tells you that what you’ve said or what you stand for has positively impacted them, it’s an extremely humbling and fulfilling feeling. 

    What values are important to you in terms of your career? 

    I believe in treating people well. All people, regardless of their station in life. We all have tough days or moments, but it’s not hard to be kind, use manners and compliment others. In an age of clickbait and absolutism, I believe in representing yourself in a genuine manner. Don’t compromise your integrity to make a fast buck or conform to what you think others expect. It’s more important to be able to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and feel good about who you are. 

    Tell us about your “Get Outside” moto… 

    “Get Outside” is a part of my personal philosophy for many reasons. I need fresh air and some form of exercise every day in order to function better mentally. That can be as simple as a walk, but daily outdoor activity is essential for me. “Get Outside” is also a recognition of where I live and how fortunate I am to have the ability to get outside. I’m surrounded by natural beauty, I have daily access to it and I’m healthy—a lot of people don’t have that same opportunity for one reason or another. Getting outside every day is a ritual of gratitude for me.

    Do you have any upcoming athletic pursuits (big or small) that you’re gearing up for?

    I don’t! I’m really enjoying an increased ability to run thanks to my K1s, but I’m also excited that the improving weather means I’ll be able to get outside on my road bike more often too. I may participate in an organized event at some point this year, but I haven’t committed to anything. 

    Aside from running, what else gets you up in the morning? We bet your puppy is one of them!

    You are accurate on the puppy! (Princess) Leia has been a welcome addition to our family and we’re loving every day with her, but she requires a lot of time and patience right now. The same can be said for my two young daughters, who are growing in every conceivable way. I’m a very invested father, and I proudly help make meals, read stories and play with my girls every day. None of it would be possible without my wife, Fiona, who remains the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

    Whether he’s running the Boston Marathon in sub-three hours, connecting with listeners on the air or planning a family play day—Scott celebrates health and nature on the daily, and we feel fortunate to support him along the way. 

    Looking for an adrenaline hit of sports? Or a reminder to breathe in that fresh air? Catch Scott on the Sekeres & Price Show every Thursday or follow him on Twitter (@ScottRintoul) and Instagram (@scottrintoulpro). And then get outside—your mind and body will thank you for it.