Behind the Scenes

We Are All Athletes

Knee support tight that is a great alternative to knee braces

I remember the moment I tore my knee apart. I was disappointed, angry, and uncertain about the future. I didn’t know it yet, but that moment had changed my life forever. If you’ve been injured playing sport, or however it may have happened, I’m really sorry that happened to you. We’ve been there and it sucks.

Stoko was born on June 16, 2017 because we got tired of being held back by our injuries. Nobody wants to wear a brace, and we believe that you should never have to.

We wanted to create something completely different, not just a better brace. Our athletes told us they wanted something designed for athletes, not patients. They wanted to be able to live in the moment and not think about their injury. They just wanted to feel like themselves again.

We listened to our athletes and built a product to do exactly that. It is awesome. We are incredibly excited to introduce the world's first supportive apparel. It offers the same support as a rigid brace, is super comfortable, and makes you feel like a superhero.

We believe that everyone can be an athlete and our purpose is to ignite your athletic potential, whatever that may be. Our mission is to empower athletes through supportive apparel and eliminate injuries. We know that won’t be easy, and yes, we have a lot of work to do, but the best things never come easy.

Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, living with aches and pains, or have been lucky enough to not have an injury yet, we can help you do what you love, play longer, and push harder. We aren’t stopping until we put Stoko on every athlete.

Hopefully you’re just as excited as we are! Stay tuned for more updates, including information on our launch and how to make sure you’re one of the first wearing Stoko. It all starts fall 2020.

Let us help you reach your athletic potential. We are all athletes. We are Stoko.

Zack Eberwein

CEO, Stoko