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Designed For Women

Designed For Women
At Stoko we work to continue to celebrate Women through the purpose of what we do and the design of our product. Our purpose is to empower an active lifestyle with the goal of helping people get back to activity and stay active for as long as possible. With 50% of the population being female and an even larger percentage of injury prevalence in Women, our work is structured around supporting our female community. Due to the nature of female anatomy, women have a higher risk of ACL injury than men and spend more time getting back to sport on average. Stoko products are designed, specifically with Women in mind, allowing them to climb back from injury and continue doing what they love.

We did not just make a man’s knee brace and make it pink…


Behind the design of Stoko products is a balance between high level functionality and sleek design. The women’s K1 Flux and K1 Tempo products feature our state of the art knit ventilation. We analyzed the female body heat map and placed our knit ventilation over the areas of the female body where they sweat the most. Enhancing airflow, breathability, and sweat evaporation.



  • Thighs

  • Shins

  • Behind the knee

All women’s Stoko products accommodate key parts of female anatomy. Products offer a high waisted fit and strategic cable placement over the hips to take into account females’ wider pelvis, and differing joint angles. These strategic design features allow our female community a more comfortable all-activity wear. 


  • Double-seamed gusset for maximized comfort

  • High-waisted fit for restriction free movement and helps hold everything in place all-day long

  • Knit ventilation placed in the sweatiest spots for enhanced breathability

We spend hours in fit sessions with varying body types to make sure our products align with many different shapes and sizes on the female spectrum. 

We continue to be inspired by our female community and their journeys to the podium and journeys just because they can. We are proud to design with women in mind, support them throughout activity and celebrate them today, and everyday.