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The Support You Need to Get Back on the Court

The Support You Need to Get Back on the Court

You may be crossing your fingers for no injuries this season or hoping the nagging aches and pains you currently have won't hold you back from getting back out on the court. If your leaps and bounds for several matches have turned into only being able to manage a shuffle for a few sets, you need Supportive Apparel in your life. With fully integrated lower body joint support, there will never be a moment you will have to second guess yourself on the court, or say no to a match with a friend because your pain is holding you back. It is not just your average athletic apparel. When injuries and aches and pains beat you down 40-love, bring Supportive Apparel into your life and win back some points.

Whether it’s tennis, squash, pickleball or any other racket swinging fun, Supportive Apparel is a tool you need in your kit. Racket players are at risk for varying injuries but commonly lower back instability and patellar tendonitis or ‘Jumper's Knee’ keeps them off the court. Consistent jumping and bounding, with dominant and non-dominant spine rotations thrown in, heavily increase your likelihood to succumb to these injuries, and spend the latter half of the season on the sidelines. You may not be able to control which direction you need to move or how a match plays out, but you can control the support you provide your body. Supportive Apparel provides medical-grade joint support, in the comfort of athletic apparel. 90ft of high strength cable mimics your natural structures to provide unrestricted movement, while supporting your body from compromised positions. Through supporting your knees from patellofemoral pain syndrome, and feedback of lower back and hip support through repetitive swinging of the racket, Supportive Apparel provides the support you need, to stay out on the court longer and with confidence. All you need to do is put them to the test.



  • Adjustable medical-grade support

  • All day comfort

  • Get back out on the court sooner with full lower body support


  • 99% reported greater knee support

  • 89% reported less knee pain 

  • 80% reported support in the back and hips


  • Feel strong and stable through your swing and all match long

  • Take that leap to the sideline without a second thought


The Stoko Support System consists of three key elements:
  1. Support Cables: Integrated directly into the apparel are 90 feet of high-strength cables that mimic your muscles and ligaments to reinforce the body and provide medical-grade support.
  2. Control Dials: Two dials on the back of the waistband allow you to adjust the support in each leg independently, giving you complete control.
  3. Targeted Compression: Increased compression targeting the knee promotes stability, confidence, and faster exercise recovery.

Stoko’s K1 Flux and K1 Tempo are perfect for all your racket endeavors. Both products feature state-of-the-art knit ventilation. If being on the court fills up your week of activity, the K1 Flux features a white version for the club. The K1 tempo provides a side pocket for the versatility of heading from the court, to run your errands. 



“They are a miracle really… In tennis you cut pretty hard side to side and I don’t ever feel like I am not supported.”

Stoko Customer, 61 years old, Avid Tennis Player


“I really feel the support in my lower back and hips, it helps me move confidently and keeps me stable.”

Stoko Customer, 58 years old, Avid Pickleball player