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The Ultimate Knee Support For Training

The Ultimate Knee Support For Training

Fitness can look like a lot of things these days, from home and outdoor workouts to gym visits. Working out is key to general fitness and it is also the basis for athletic performance. By strengthening your muscles and joints, you’re also helping protect yourself against injuries.

But this doesn’t mean you’re immune. Anytime you push your body inside or outside the gym, there’s always the risk of injury whether you do too many reps, don’t maintain good form, or hurt yourself accidentally.

When it comes to your knees, an injury can leave you stranded on the couch or unable to walk so preventing them in the first place is your best option. When recovering, you will likely need an uncomfortable and bulky brace that can be painful to wear. If you already have a knee injury then the risk of reinjury or hurting your good knee is very high. The Stoko K1 is the ultimate solution and here’s why.


Medical-Grade Bracing

The K1s are a pair of compression tights that have knee braces integrated directly into the fabric, proving medical-grade bracing to both of your knees. Over 30 meters of high-strength cables run through the waistband, down your legs, around your knees, and anchor to your calves before looping back up and into the waistband. The cables are 15 times stronger than steel weight for weight so you can feel secure knowing the K1s have got your back...or knees.


Ultra Comfortable

A key issue with traditional braces is that they’re uncomfortable. Constant chafing and rubbing from a brace can leave your skin raw and bruised, making it hard to motivate yourself to put it on. On the other hand, you have a high risk of reinjury or hurting yourself more if you opt out of wearing a brace. The K1s are ultra-comfortable! They feel just like a pair of compression tights or the work out clothes you are already wearing. The fabric is lightweight and breathable which helps with managing your sweat after an intense workout. The cables that provide the support are also placed in anatomically correct positions, meaning that you don’t feel the support unless your knee ends up in a compromised position.



Two control dials on the back of the waistband connect to the cables running throughout the garment. This allows you to control the level of support you receive so if you’re about to do weighted squats, for example, you can crank up the amount of support that goes to your knees. If you’re sitting down or doing an exercise where you don’t need as much bracing, you can disengage the support to wear the K1s as a pair of compression tights.


Freedom of Movement

Moving is a big part of fitness and exercise but traditional braces that are made of rigid materials usually restrict movement to provide support. The K1s, however, allow you to move freely and only engage when your knee enters a compromised position. For example, if your knee collapses inward as you pivot or change direction. This freedom of movement is all thanks to the placement of the cables in a way that is anatomically correct, mimicking and enhancing your existing natural support structures a.k.a, your muscles and ligaments. 


Easy to Use

Since the K1s can be substituted for your regular workout leggings, you can throw them on or easily pack them into a gym bag to change into. After a workout, chances are that you’ll be sweaty and your clothes will be ready for a wash. The K1s are machine washable so all it takes is putting them into a wash bag and throwing them into the machine for a cycle then hanging them to dry.

All in all the K1s are an easy way to protect your knees in the gym, at home, or wherever you go to get in a workout. They were created to inspire movement while supporting you comfortably so you can continue to push yourself and set your goals without compromising your fitness routine. Click here to learn more.