Supportive Apparel

It turns out that the best knee brace actually isn't a knee brace at all.

Supportive Apparel is engineered with over 90 feet of high-strength cables that provide medical-grade joint support and are proven to help you overcome injuries, eliminate pain, and find the confidence to get back out there.

This is the future of joint support.

knee support

supportive tights

All of our Supportive Tights offer the same medical-grade knee bracing by using over 90' of adjustable high-strength cables to reinforce your body's muscles and ligaments.

Ski & Snow

The K1 Summit is designed to keep you warm while supporting your knees, hips and back during skiing, snowboarding, or any other cold weather adventure.

  • Medical-Grade Support
  • Thermal Fabric & Side Pocket
  • Men's Fly
  • Full Length


The K1 Flux is designed to be worn during any type of activity, keeping you cool and supporting your knees, hips and back.

  • Medical-Grade Support
  • Cooling Ventilated Fabric
  • Men's Fly
  • Full Length

Run & Hike

The K1 Tempo is designed to keep you even cooler while supporting your knees, hips and back during running, hiking, or any other type of adventure.

  • Medical-Grade Support
  • Cooling Ventilation Fabric
  • Side and Hip Pocket
  • 3/4 Length

hip & back support

supportive Shorts

Our Limited Release Supportive Short offers compression and adjustable medical-grade support to your hips and lower back.


Our Supportive Short is designed to support your hips and back, alleviating pain while providing all-day comfort during all your favourite activities such as running, hiking, golf, or tennis.

  • Medical-Grade Support
  • Lightweight Fabric

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