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Discover why more active individuals are choosing Stoko to get back to activity and stay there.

"Life-changing support to get people back to activity."

Life-Changing Support to get you back to activity

Stoko's Supportive Apparel offers a brand new alternative of support to the active individual looking to get back to activity and stay there.

Supports both knees

Full lower boy support for your knees, hips and lower back.

Fully Adjustable

Easily adjust your support through convenient dials at the back waistband.

Comfortable Fit

A comfortable baselayer with compression that is packable and washable.

There Tech in the Tights.

Stoko Supportive Tights hide 90 feet of adjustable high-strength cables that reinforce your body's muscles and ligaments, providing support without the bulk that doesn't hold you back.

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    Comfortable & Adjustable Support

    Stoko Supportive Tights act as a comfortable base layer with thermal or ventilated fabric, targeted compression, and easily adjustable support that stays in place.

    • Targeted Compression
    • Lightweight & Packable
    • Machine Washable

    "Life-changing support to get people back to activity"


    "And the best part? It actually works."

    - GearJunkie Magazine -

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