From your waist to your calf the K1’s Embrace System wraps your legs with over 90 feet of high strength support cables that are directly integrated into an ultra comfortable compression tight. The cabling is positioned to naturally move with you; supporting your knee when you need it most. You can customize your level of support with two control dials in the waistband. This is the future of knee support.

Next Level

Through years of research and development our K1 reimagines the way that we think about knee support; through this support system, athletes are able to protect from undesired movements while maintaining a full range of motion.

No Knee support

The knee joint can move out of aligment, stressing the ligaments and allowing for injury.

With K1 Support

The Embrace System™ cabling pulls on anchors in the hips and calves to support the knee and maintain natural alignment.

Behind the tech

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Get a deeper understanding of the research and testing results that prove why this is a more comfortable and effective form of knee support.

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“The Stoko Run tight allowed me to train harder and push nearer my limits after coming back from knee surgery.”
Hailey Cranston, Stoko Ambassador

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