Discover how Jaimee Bull integrates Stoko Supportive Tights into her workout routine.


While everyone's journey back to activity after injury is different, Stoko's Supportive Apparel can add confidence and support to your workouts, whether you're a World Champion or a weekend warrior.

Braces Both Knees

Medical-grade bracing for both knees and support for your hips and lower back.

Adjustable Support

Easily adjust your support through convenient dials at the back waistband.

Comfortable Fit

Comfortable fit that is easy to wear, lightweight and machine washable.

Confidence Building

"I’ve incorporated Stoko Tights into my rehabbing program. I really like the compressive feel and the supportive design gives me great feedback to build confidence in my injured leg."

-Jaimee Bull

Jaimee's Favorite Exercises

Jaimee incorporates a combination of foam rolling and specialized leg strengthening exercises into her gym routine.

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What Jaimee's Wearing

Jaimee is wearing the Women's K1 Flux built for all-purpose use.

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