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Stoko for RUNNING

This is not your average running tight

This is not your average running tight. This is the only tight created with invisible medical-grade support designed for runners of all abilities. Stoko products are proven to help you overcome injury, eliminate pain and give you the confidence to get back to what you love. Our tights look like a compression tight, but are engineered with control dials and 90 feet of high strength cables that mimic your muscles and ligaments to reinforce your body on the roads and trails. Runner's World called them "High-Tech". Canadian Running Mag called them "The Ultimate Running Tight". We call it Supportive Apparel.

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Knee brace for runners
MEDICAL-GRADE Support in an athletic tight

A pair of K1 Tempos may look like regular athletic apparel, but they are most certainly not. We’ve created the world’s first  medical-grade knee brace built into an athletic tight. The K1 Tempo was designed to help you stay active with support that reduces pain, protects your body, and inspires confidence. 

Support For Runner's Knee

Runner’s knee (a.k.a patellofemoral pain syndrome) can be caused or worsened by abnormal hip mechanics. The K1s full lower body support system can help address many of the core issues leading to runner's knee. 

Tights for running
Running apparel
Elevated Exercise Recovery

Innovative technical knitting within all K-Line products allows us to provide targeted compression zones. These areas of compression put pressure on your muscles to help minimize delayed onset muscle soreness. The K1 Tempos are designed to increase blood flow and promote healing so that you’re able to benefit from faster recovery times between runs.

Natural Movement

Instead of relying on rigid material to create structural support, the Embrace System™ is made up of 90 feet (30 meters) of high-strength fibrous cables that are inserted into the fabric and designed to facilitate your body’s natural movement. This allows you to have a full range of movement while running. Not only that but the tights can help support imbalances in your stride.

Knee brace for runners


Support of traditional braces


lighter than other braces


Thinner than competitor braces

The Ultimate Knee Brace for Running
Apr 18, 2022 

The Ultimate Knee Brace for Running

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Run Rituals and Confidence in the K1 with Scott Rintoul
Apr 20, 2022 

Run Rituals and Confidence in the K1 with Scott Rintoul

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On Going the (Ultra) Distance with Andréanne Morissette
Apr 14, 2022 

On Going the (Ultra) Distance with Andréanne Morissette

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“The first time I went for a run with my K1 Tempo, I fell in love. I experienced my whole body being so aligned and moving freely. The K1 became my running buddy who can support me on the trails, while I am out there pushing myself.”
Andréanne Morissette, Marathoner, Ultra-Runner

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Engineered for

Running with a chunky brace doesn’t feel good or look good. Finally, you can push your limits again with no limitations with the  K1 Tempo.



Side and waistband pockets secure the essentials and when you're done your run, throw them in the washing machine.



Our strong fade-resistant fabric is made of two tightly knitted layers of yarn to promote durability.



The Embrace System™ stabilizes your knee and supports imbalances in your stride, allowing for natural movement.



Designed to mimic the natural support structures in your body, you have the thinnest and most anatomically correct knee support available.



Breathable, lightweight fabric with knit ventilation and shorter length minimize heat and perspiration, allowing your body to cool down in warm environments.



Easily adjust the level of support before, during and after activity with the turn of the control dials.

Run better Forever

Find the support that will help you push your limits and reach your potential.

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You can get the comfortable support you need, no matter what activities you love.

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