Sizing, Fit & First Use

Fit & First Use

All K-Line products leverage the Embrace System™, a proprietary technology which provides both medical-grade bracing and full lower body support. This system—an intricate network of cables, control dials and compression zones—is designed to provide an immense level of support and as a result, you may notice tightness, particularly around the waistband, when first putting on your new pair of K1 supportive tights. If this occurs to you, you'll quickly notice the tights begin to regulate and conform to your body after the initial few wears.

We urge you to watch this video before trying them on for the first time:


Please consult the size charts below to determine which size is best suited to your body type. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up for optimal comfort and performance.

Men's size chart
Women's size chart