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Save Your Season: Overcome Injury and Get Back on the Mountain With Stoko

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Picture this. You have gotten more days and runs than expected this season, and you're feeling great. Then out of nowhere the aches and pains start to creep up or, one big crash takes you out of your rhythm. We all know the feeling of a good thing getting cut short. It sucks. Thankfully, our products are here to help. Whether your season is cut short, or you're trying to get back to the skier or boarder you once were, we have created The Ultimate Knee Brace for Skiing / The Ultimate Knee Brace for Snowboarding.

Wear and tear on your body over time is inevitable, especially if being in the mountains is in your DNA. The aches and pains from years of fun on the slopes start to creep up and make the joy of a freshly groomed run a little less exciting. You Don’t Have to be a High Performing Athlete to Enjoy the Benefits of Stoko. Our products built to support those that love adventuring in the snow and never want to have to give it up due to injury or pain.

The K1 Summit is designed to be worn as a comfortable base layer underneath your ski pants.

  • The Stoko Supportive Tight is indicated for knee ligament instabilities including ACL, MCL, LCL
  • The Stoko Supportive Tight is indicated for knee pain, knee instability, knee strains, knee sprains and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • Our feedback has shown that 99% of people feel more knee support wearing the Stoko Supportive Tight & 89% feel reduced pain when wearing the Stoko Supportive Tight
  • The Stoko Supportive Tight is worn and trusted by professionals including NHL goalie, Chris Driedger and Olympic medalists like Meryeta O’Dine
  • Unlike traditional knee braces, the Stoko Supportive Tight system offers freedom of movement
  • Bracing technology is integrated directly into a base layer
  • Stays in place and is fully adjustable through dials at the waistband
  • Easily packable and washable
  • Integrated compression improves feeling of support and reduction of pain
  • All day stability to support long days in the pow

Get back to activity with support that protects your body, manages pain, and gives you confidence to overcome injury.

Technology designed to get you back out there

Nobody wants to be sidelined after an injury. Our products provide medical-grade knee support in the comfort of a base layer. The Stoko support system is made up of 90 ft of cabling, pound-for-pound stronger than steel by weight. This cable network mimics your body's natural structures to provide support, only when you need it. All you have to do is turn the control dials to give your knees the support they need. We have used body mapping to make your turns unrestricted, but injury prone positions a bit more stable. 


“Stoko and the K1 might be a godsend for skiers with (or without) injury”.

“They (Stoko) support every part of my legs in a way I’ve never felt before and let me keep doing the things I love (and train for them) in a confident and pain-free way."

“After my first day wearing the K1s, I was immediately ready to host a funeral for my knee brace and bury it in an unmarked grave. I never thought I would be able to do anything fun again without my Donjoy strapped onto my leg making me feel like a low budget ironman with knee problems. The K1s changed my life.”
- Sam Tuff, Slopestyle Canada Snowboard (Alumni)

"I love these Magic Pants! I had knee surgery a few weeks ago, so my knee is still week. BUT . . . because of these compression pants, I am skiing bump runs already with my family again. So very happy to be able to ski again, so quickly! These pants are perfect. Just the extra support I need while I am still recovering. Thanks so much to whoever came up with this idea."
- Carrie, Avid Skier

“Stoko has taken the development of the knee brace to the next echelon. Their approach combines innovative technologies, master-crafted for the objective of improved athlete experience and outcomes post injury.”
- Erik Torchia, Physiotherapist

Curious to know more?

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