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You Don’t Have to be a High Performing Athlete to Enjoy the Benefits of Stoko Products

You Don’t Have to be a High Performing Athlete to Enjoy the Benefits of Stoko Products

I don’t mean to sound whiny, but if 50 is the new 30, how come my knees hurt so much?!

We ask a lot of our bodies and we are driving them harder than ever. And longer too; we all know older guys who ride like they’re 25. It feels awesome, at whatever late forty-something age I am, to be able to ride for longer than I could when I was younger. Sure, maybe not so fast or so gutsy, but no less satisfying for that. I want to keep this going and I’m looking for anything that will help me achieve this.

Working, skiing, biking, playing all take their toll on joints, muscles and connective tissues. Wear and tear is natural, but how can we minimize the effects as we age? How can I stop my lower back from burning and locking up after a day of janky terrain, or after one of those lived-for-alpine epics? 

Stoko’s K-Line supportive tights are medically certified devices that reduce the load on connective tissues and promote stability within joints. They’re used by athletes wishing to avoid injury, and by performers of all levels returning to play after injury.

But what about us regular gals and guys? Can these pants help us like they help the elite athletes; those of us who can simply feel the miles they’ve put on their bodies; those of us (and it’s probably most of us) who carry multiple aches and pains that aren’t holding us back much, but which could develop into show stoppers without proper management. Remember, the goal is to keep doing this stuff for as long as I can, not to an elite level, but to enable me to keep doing the sports I love, and playing the games I love to play.

I love to ride my bike, and I’m looking for anything that will help me to keep riding as hard and as long as I can; as long as the mind says ‘go’, I’m going to search out ways to get the body to follow.  I’m hoping riding in my K1s will boost the number of days I can spend in the saddle by reducing pain during rides and shortening recovery time after exercise.

I’m excited to try the shorter leg length K1 Tempo, designed for use in warmer temperatures and higher intensity pursuits that generate more body heat and sweat, and featuring design details such as a flush hip pocket offering secure storage for car keys and credit cards. 

Like all Stoko products, the K1 Tempo boasts medical-grade support and protection, I’m optimistic they’ll help reduce the pain around my knees, and maybe even help alleviate the burn and locking up of my lower back. Follow me on this journey and let’s see what happens…