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"The support, added confidence and stability it gives my knee is helping my recovery immensely."

THOMAS ROZSYPALEK - Big Mountain Skier & Stoko Ambassador

"The first time I went for a run with my K1 Tempo, I fell in love. I experienced my whole body being so aligned and moving freely. The K1 became my running buddy who can support me on the court, while I am out there pushing myself. "

ANDRÉANNE MORISSETTE - Marathoner, Ultra-Runner

"I love the feeling on the hips and the support it gives me. I find the tights are not restricting my movements when I work out and it feels lighter on my joints, which is amazing. "

CLAUDIA LAMONTAGNE - Extremely Canadian, Backcountry

"I am in love! I've been wearing a traditional chunky knee brace for over a year and a half now, and testing out my K1 for the first time felt like opening a door into a crazy new world of knee support. The K1 is so comfortable and allows for a full range of motion while still providing support that I can trust."

SHONDRA MARTIN - Hiking Influencer & Stoko Athlete

"I think that it is reliable, comfortable, fashionable while also getting the job done of knee stability and leg support."

JAZZY GREEN - Cal Berkeley Basketball & Stoko Ambassador

 "I don't have any knee pain the day after. Not having to deal with a throbbing knee the next day was incredible! As a bonus, I also felt the K1 Breathe supporting my lower back. Thank you Stoko!"

ALISON HODGINS - Online Editor, Explore Magazine

"The K1-line is the perfect balance of support and comfort."

ALEX ARMSTRONG - Big Mountain Skier & Stoko Ambassador

"I particularly enjoyed the on the fly adjustments I could make on both legs. These adjustments allowed me to adapt the K1's to my running style and gave me different levels of support as I was running. "

FIONA SUMPTON - Stoko Athlete, Runner

"I love the K1-line. I've been for the most part using the K1 breathe leggings this summer for longer, more physical runs, hikes and adventures. However, I am stoked to use the original K1 leggings this winter for both backcountry and resort skiing."

CELESTE POMERANTZ - Big Mountain Skier & Stoko Ambassador

"Having worn them several times already, I'm still struggling to contain myself because of how awesome they are. The K1's are everything I've been looking for to get back into skateboarding. Thank you all for giving me my life back."

 AARON AU - Stoko Athlete, Skateboarder

"I tried the Stoko K1 Knee Brace. From the moment I stepped out of the car I could feel it. This was different. The first part of the hike is an incline and within seconds I could feel it working, the incredible support…. the stability...and the confidence I had as the hike progressed was unbelievable. For the whole hike not a single ache or soreness. When we finished 2 hours later, the pain, the ache, soreness I always had afterwards was not there! I was stunned. In four years, I have never had that feeling. This was life changing! The K1 knee brace delivered and then some."

JAMES MOHR - National Director, North America, Explore Magazine


GARY MILLER - Olympic Alpine Ski Coach

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