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Stride Through the Summer With Supportive Apparel

Stride Through the Summer With Supportive Apparel

The Ultimate Running Tight” -Canadian Running Magazine

 People will say that all you need for running is a good pair of shoes, but if you have ever dealt with knee pain or instability, you know that what you wear above the ankle can make or break putting in the miles. It's a similar story for many runners: “my injury or aches and pains hold me back from enjoying running or reaching personal bests”. Nagging knee pain is one of the key reasons for this experience. Stoko’s Supportive Apparel is changing the narrative for runners everywhere. All the functional support of a medical-grade brace, in the comfort of a compression tight. Why not invest in running tights that can actually help you overcome injury, decrease your pain and get you back to what you love doing? Supportive Apparel provides support to your lower body while still allowing range of motion to reach those faster tempos. 90 ft of high strength cable wraps the legs, providing enhanced support in the same areas your body naturally already does. Running apparel has gone seriously high-tech.

With the repetitive movement and impact on your joints, running can take a toll on your body. Up to 80% of runners report a lower body injury each year, and most prominent of that group are knee injuries. Don’t look past the ultimate knee brace for running. Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as ‘Runner’s Knee’ is one of the most common injuries a runner can face. With the key treatment method for runner's knee being rest, having to manage this pain could mean putting away the running shoes for an extended period of time, which is the last thing we want to do when we just got in our groove. The Stoko K1 is indicated specifically for Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Invest in your health, and your best running season yet with running tights that double as a medical-grade knee brace.


  • Adjustable medical-grade support
  • All day comfort
  • Get back running sooner with full lower body support
  • 99% reported greater knee support
  • 89% reported less knee pain 
  • 80% reported support in the back and hips
  • Feel strong and stable through your stride
  • Lace up your shoes feeling confident with your body
The Stoko Support System consists of three key elements:
  1. Support Cables: Integrated directly into the apparel are 90 feet of high-strength cables that mimic your muscles and ligaments to reinforce the body and provide medical-grade support.
  2. Control Dials: Two dials on the back of the waistband allow you to adjust the support in each leg independently, giving you complete control.
  3. Targeted Compression: Increased compression targeting the knee promotes stability, confidence, and faster exercise recovery.
On top of the key pieces of technology that make Supportive Apparel so unique, Stoko’s K1 Tempo includes several features, built with the runner in mind. Behind the design of the K1 Tempo is state-of-the-art knit ventilation. Mapped throughout the tight to provide enhanced sweat evaporation and breathability, it also features a side pocket to store your phone, and more importantly your tunes to maximize your tempo. The waistband also contains a small pocket with a key loop so you have all the storage you need to put them on and go. 


“The Ultimate Running Tight” - Canadian Running Magazine

“The first time I went for a run with my K1 Tempo, I fell in love. I experienced my whole body being so aligned and moving freely. The K1 became my running buddy who can support me on the court, while I am out there pushing myself.” -Andreanne Morissette, Stoko Ambassador

"I ran my first 10km since rupturing my ACL, MCL and medial meniscus and my knee felt great! The K1 provided me with the support I needed to not only completed the 10km, but run it in record time." -Danae Harding, Happy Stoko Customer