Individual PRO Program

Individual PRO Program

What is the Stoko Individual PRO program?

The Stoko Individual Pro program includes a diverse group of individuals, all connected by their commitment to get active and stay active. Through work, and play these individuals live an active lifestyle and put their bodies through alot. We help support and empower these individuals to keep active!

What to expect?
  • Members of Stoko’s professional program receive exclusive access to Stoko products at a discount
  • Help with future product development by giving feedback on Stoko products
  • Eligible individuals include:
  • Outdoor Professionals: Guides, Instructors, Patrol
  • Medical Professionals: Physiotherapists, Doctors, Nurses
  • Industry professionals: Trades-worker, first responder, tactical/ military

Apply for our Individual PRO program below.

*Individual PROs are not  subject to full returns. Exchange and Warranty only.