Men's K1 Tempo

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Men's K1 Tempo

Supportive Apparel
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Ever injured your knee? Your Health Insurance Provider may reimburse for our K1. Learn more here.


Key Benefits:

• Medical grade bracing

• Improved lower-body alignment

• Comfort and performance for high-intensity pursuits and warm environments

• Supports faster recovery

• Carry the essentials while you move

Core Features:

• ¾ length

• Breathable, lightweight fabric with knit ventilation

• Drop-in side pocket

• Waistband pocket with key loop

• Adjustable control dials that engage the Embrace System™

•Targeted compression

• Reflective details

Men's K1 Tempo

Fit & Size Guide >

Ever injured your knee? Your Health Insurance Provider may reimburse for our K1. Learn more here.

Stoko K1 Tempo Knee Brace

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Fit & Size Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions


The K1 Tempo is designed to get you back to reaching your goals and pushing past your potential. Whether you’re recovering from injury, managing aches and pains or just looking to protect your knees, your K1 Tempo will give you all the support you want to keep doing what you love while keeping you cool and comfortable.

  • 100% support of traditional braces
  • 60% lighter than other braces
  • 13X thinner than competitor braces

01 Integrated Support Cables

Integrated Support Cables

Cables are integrated seamlessly into the K1’s fabric, mimicking the natural support of your muscles and ligaments. The result is anatomically correct joint support that moves with your body throughout your entire range of motion. This makes it the most comfortable joint support product on the market.

02 Supportive Laminations

Supportive Laminations

Supportive laminations lock the cables in place enabling the cables to support your body. Together these components create top of the line support which rivals that of traditional braces.

03 Control Dials

Control Dials

The Embrace Sytem’s support comes through tension in the cables provided by the control dials. Lying flat in the small of your back, the control dials give you full control over the K1’s support level. As you twist each dial, the cables tightly wrap your leg and adapt to your body enabling adjustable support for any activity or instability.

04 Technical Knitting

Technical Knitting

We use advanced technical knitting to manufacture and shape many elements of the K1. The channels that hold each cable and articulated knees are seamlessly knit into the fabric, resulting in superior comfort. The K1 Breathe has knit ventilation directly integrated into the fabric for enhanced temperature regulation and ultra breathability.

05 Sustainable Fabric

Sustainable Fabric

The K1’s material is knit with yarn made from recycled material. This environmentally conscious fiber is knit into a breathable and high-stretch fabric.

The Embrace System™ is made up of over 90 feet (30 meters) of cables that are distributed throughout the K1 Tempo. The cables start at the waistband, connecting to the two control dials, run down to your calves and then back up to the waistband.

The K1 Tempo is designed to move with you and provide support in compromised positions. This is thanks to the placement of the cables in a way that mimics your natural support systems - your muscles and ligaments. When your knee goes into a compromised position, the cables pull tight, helping to restore natural alignment and promote faster recovery.

Shorter ¾ length and state-of-the-art knitted ventilation both help keep you cool and comfortable without sacrificing support.

A drop-in side pocket secures your phone and an integrated loop within the waistband allows for key storage.

Our fabric is knit with yarn made from recycled material. We use 3D knitting technology to integrate the Embrace System™ directly into the fabric.

"The new K1 Tempos are perfect for getting out in the early spring temps! I've been loving the new pocket for keeping my phone secure while running! Just when you think the K1's can't get any better - BAM!"
- Sarah Bulford, @mountaindarlin

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