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Trusted by Professionals, Worn by Everyone

Trusted by Professionals, Worn by Everyone

For active individuals, nothing is more frustrating than suffering an injury that prevents them from engaging in their favorite activities. Whether it's a knee injury, back pain, or any other injury, it can be demoralizing to feel like you can't move the way you want to. That's where Stoko's Supportive Apparel comes in, specifically their Supportive Tight products.

The Stoko Supportive Tight provides medical-grade lower body joint support, built into athletic apparel. Allowing individuals to overcome injury, minimize pain and regain the confidence to move. 90 feet of high strength cable mimics the body’s natural structures to provide structural support to the lower body while allowing the freedom to move. Two control dials that sit on the back of the waistband provide full adjustability. 




The support cables and targeted compression provide stability and reinforcement for the body, making it ideal for any activity that involves repetitive movements or puts stress on the joints. Whether you're a runner dealing with chronic knee pain, a hiker recovering from an  injury, a skier looking to get more pain-free days on the hill, or a tennis or golf player looking to improve your game, the Supportive Tight can help you overcome injury, decrease pain, and regain the confidence to move. The control dials also allow you to adjust the level of support for each leg independently, making it easy to customize the level of support you need for any specific activity. Versatile, effective and stealthy support at your fingertips.




  • Adjustable medical-grade support

  • All day comfort

  • Get back to activity sooner with full lower body support


  • 99% reported greater knee support

  • 89% reported less knee pain 

  • 80% reported support in the back and hips


  • Feel strong and stable through your activities

The K-Line is a highly validated and trusted product that has benefited a wide range of active individuals, allowing them to overcome injury, eliminate pain, and regain the confidence to move again. How does it work? Let's take a look at the technology integrated into the product.


Stoko Support System

Support Cables: Integrated directly into the apparel are 90 feet of high-strength cables that mimic your muscles and ligaments to reinforce the body and provide medical-grade support. This support is crucial for individuals who are recovering from an injury or dealing with ongoing pain.
Control Dials: Two dials on the back of the waistband allow you to adjust the support in each leg independently, giving you complete control over the level of support you need. This allows you to customize the level of support for your specific needs, and to adjust it as you recover.
Targeted Compression: Increased compression targeting the knee promotes stability, confidence, and faster exercise recovery. This compression is especially important for individuals who are recovering from a knee injury or who suffer from chronic knee pain.


These technologies combined provide a product that truly supports the active individual, allowing them to not only regain confidence in their movements but also recover faster from injuries.

A knee brace and base layer all in one” - Ski Magazine

But don't just take our word for it. Stoko has conducted multiple white papers validating the effectiveness of their products. These white papers have shown that the Supportive Tight is highly effective in reducing pain and improving stability for individuals dealing with knee injuries or chronic knee pain. Additionally, Stoko has received numerous testimonials from satisfied customers who have successfully used the Supportive Tight to overcome their injuries and get back to their active lifestyle.

The Ultimate Running Tight” -Canadian Running Magazine


"I suffered a knee injury during a marathon, and I was devastated. But the K-Line allowed me to continue to train and eventually run another marathon. I was able to adjust the support as I recovered, and the targeted compression really helped with the pain." - James S., Stoko Customer


For those who have suffered any type of knee injury, these are life changing.” - Backpacker Magazine


"I've had chronic knee pain for years, but the K-Line has been a game-changer for me. The support cables really reinforce my knee, and the compression helps with the pain. I've been able to hike again, which is something I never thought would be possible." - Sarah W, Stoko Customer


Stoko's K-Line products offer a highly effective and validated solution for active individuals who are dealing with injuries or chronic pain. By integrating advanced technologies into their apparel, Stoko is able to provide targeted support and compression that truly helps individuals recover and regain confidence in their movements. Step into the best version of yourself with Supportive Apparel.