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When you step into the gym are you confident? Are you stable? Are you ready to push your limits?? At Stoko we seek to unlock confidence in your training through greater stability, form correction and pain reduction. We believe that through consistent training, precise movement and a healthy body and mind—we all have the potential to perform our best.

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Greater Stability

Meet the world’s first Supportive Apparel. All K-Line products leverage the Embrace System™, a proprietary technology which provides both medical-grade bracing and full lower body support. The K1s are designed to provide stability to the knee so athletes can regain and unlock confidence in their body and experience the freedom to move.

Form Support

The Embrace System™ was designed to provide greater proprioception—enhanced body awareness and control. Imagine the K1s as a bear hug for the knee. All K-Line supportive tights are built to promote correct form when we are tired, working beyond our capabilities, and likely to compromise our form.

Pain Management

The K1s support both instability correction and imbalances, which leads to greater pain management in the lower body. A study has found the effects of the Embrace System™ to reduce pain for a large proportion in users knees, hips, lower back, and pelvis.

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Elevated Exercise Recovery

Innovative technical knitting within all K-Line products allows us to provide targeted compression zones. These areas of compression put pressure on your muscles to help minimize delayed onset muscle soreness. K-Line products are designed to increase blood flow and promote healing so that you’re able to benefit from faster recovery times between workout or training sessions at the gym.

100 %

Support of
traditional braces

60 %

Lighter than
other braces

13 X

Thinner than
competitor braces

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Product & Innovation

Backpacker Magazine: The New Knee Brace You Didn’t See Coming

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Product & Innovation

The Ultimate Knee Support For Training

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"The K1S Are Like Getting A Really Big Bear Hug."

Chris Spring, Olympic Bobsledder

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What Our Customers Say...


"Stoko has provided the most streamlined brace system I’ve ever seen. I’ve been wearing during my ACL recovery and feel stable without wearing a typical clunky brace. I would highly recommend Stoko to anyone looking for knee support."



"Very ingenious product that truly works! The support is there, but it’s not obtrusive - which is so essential for participating in sports."

- Gary Miller


"The K1s are amazing. The support, added confidence and stability it gives my knee is helping my recovery immensely. I am stoked to try them out on snow and let you know what I think!"

- Thomas Rozsypalek
Pro Skier

Super Tights

"I call the K1 tights my “super tights”. Whether I am skiing, hiking or mountain biking my knees and lower back are supported and I can relax and enjoy the activity versus worrying about re-injury."

- Jen Leigh
Outdoor enthusiast


"The K1s are the perfect balance of support and comfort. I feel as though I can move my body intuitively and unrestricted but have the peace of mind of wearing a brace. The support makes me more confident in sport and takes one variable off my mind before I drop into a steep line. LOVE. THEM."

- Alex Armstrong
Pro Skier

Engineered For Training

Training with a chunky brace doesn’t feel good or look good. Finally, you can push your limits again with no limitations with the  K1 Tempo.



Side and waistband pockets secure the essentials and when you're done your run, throw them in the washing machine.



Our strong fade-resistant fabric is made of two tightly knitted layers of yarn to promote durability.



The Embrace System™ stabilizes your knee and supports imbalances in your stride, allowing for natural movement.



Designed to mimic the natural support structures in your body, you have the thinnest and most anatomically correct knee support available.



Breathable, lightweight fabric with knit ventilation and shorter length minimize heat and perspiration, allowing your body to cool down in warm environments.



Easily adjust the level of support before, during and after activity with the turn of the control dials.

Train Better Forever

Find the support that will help you push your limits and reach your potential.

Support For Your Sport

You can get the comfortable support you need, no matter what activities you love.

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